Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Here comes the sun… do do do do do!


Well, the Summer has finally arrived which means I can sit out in the garden (while my fiancé mows the lawn) and think about new pieces to make and new avenues to take not only Hearts and Crafts UK, but my fiancé’s art page, Art by Edwards.

We both feel that we need to diversify and add new strings to our bows, so while we have been decorating our house we have been talking about new ideas, and we think we have decided on something new.  I can’t say much just yet, as the plans are being put in place, but let’s say we are very excited.  It’s something we are both passionate about and we can really put our heart and soul in to it, which will in turn reflect in what we are hoping to bring to you.

I will still be keeping Hearts and Crafts UK going, as will my fiancé with Art by Edwards, but we feel this new avenue we are exploring would work better being a stand alone entity, plus as it’s a joint venture, we can keep it all under one roof. 

There are still new pieces of jewellery that need to be listed in Etsy (www.etsy.com/shop/heartsandcraftsuk) so I will be listing those bit by bit.  I have learnt not to list them all in one go, as when they expire, a big chunk of my shop disappears and then it’s a race to get more added!  I decided little and often is the way to go… wish I learnt that sometime ago, but you learn as you go along I guess.

I still have new ideas for Hearts and Crafts UK that won’t be part of our new venture, as it will not fit in to this area, so once I’ve got the finishing touches done I will be listing those too, and hopefully they will be well received.

Until next time, enjoy the Summer while we still have it!

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